Thursday, April 28, 2011


After passing through Kingman twice this week already, I just found out from my boss that I'm going to be working out there tomorrow, too.  Someone had a last-minute emergency, and apparently this is a big biker run weekend out there, so off I go to Angel 2 bright and early in the morning.

I used to work out there a lot, but since we went to fixed bases a couple years ago, I think I've been there ... once or twice?

So should be interesting.  But since it also adds a couple extra hours to my commute and pre-shift prep time, I'm afraid I'm going to have to skimp on the blogging again tonight.  I'll leave you with some more photos -- these are from the 1957 Life Magazine article describing the crash investigation and its conclusions.

Thanks for the emails -- will try to reply later tonight tonight or tomorrow!

In response to the question about Bud Allen and the jump seat, both planes apparently were full.  This makes me suspect Allen rode in the jump seat, as does the fact that he was listed in the accident investigation report as "aboard as an additional crew member".  Janice Heiser, an off-duty hostess (and roommate of hostess Beth Davis) who was also aboard, was not referred to in this fashion.

Good night, everybody!  More tomorrow from Kingman, dispatch permitting.

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