Tuesday, April 19, 2011


I think my four hours or so of sleep last night have done worn off.

No more flights since my last post.  But three adjoining bedrooms with sticky doors and thin walls seldom make for uninterrupted slumber ... and whenever one of us hears one of the other two moving around in the wee hours, our first sleepy thought is that our own crew phone is about to go off ... so we tend to lie there half-awake for big chunks of the night, even when we're not being serenaded by the loading dock folks.

Throw in some time shaved off either end of last night studying for run review, the usual morning pre-shift-change chores, a quick dash back up the hill to Flagstaff, and a fun-filled day sitting in class, saving the lives of mannequins, and taking written tests, and I was about ready for bed again by the time it started to get dark.


Went out to dinner with my son, Sam, and his mom this evening.  He's in town for the week on his spring break, and is splitting his time between her place and mine.

Driving home tonight, I noticed that the city still shows no signs of further interest in a four-lane road they stripped of its top inch or two of asphalt about a week ago.  I'm sure they used some highly specialized device to do this, and even have plans to repave it at some point.  For now, though, it looks and feels like someone just ran a backhoe -- or maybe a snow plow -- back and forth with its blade down until  all the lane lines were gone, then got bored and wandered off.

The double left turn lane onto my street is especially entertaining.  A lot of us remember it where it used to be, and maneuver accordingly;  others slam on their brakes half a block back, staring at the extra line of stopped cars in what appears to be the middle of the road as if we've all gone insane.

Good night, all.  More VANISHED tomorrow.

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