Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So nothing VANISHED-related to report tonight, I'm afraid.

Stopped at Chiriaco Summit, just East of Palm Springs.  Down the street from the General George S. Patton Museum, which is pretty nifty if you like tanks, or even just bigger-than-life-size statues of people and their dogs (Patton had a Spuds McKenzie dog - a bull terrier? Yes!  Thanks, Google - and there's a pony-sized bronze of him next to the giant General).

The last couple of days have been hectic, but good.  My son's computer crashed hard and repeatedly (blue screen after blue screen), taking his due-yesterday English paper with it, night before last, but he was able to get a half-day extension , and with a very small amount of IT support from me, and a good old-fashioned college all-nighter from him, both paper and computer turned out all right in the end.

He's a pretty awesome guy, Sam is.

He only needed one tiny bit of help with the paper from me:  At 6:30 this morning I found it both disorienting and heart-warming to stumble out of bed, not to change his diaper or get him a bottle (wasn't that long ago I was doing both of those, was it??), but to help him figure out how to cite a U.S. Supreme Court opinion in MLA format.

Okay, back on the road I go.  Good night all.  Love and hugs and good wishes from Chiriaco Summit.

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