Thursday, April 21, 2011


TWA Flight 2

TWA Flight 2 - Captain

TWA Flight 2 - Copilot

TWA Flight 2 - Flight Engineer

TWA Flight 2 - Flight Engineer "(aboard as an additional crew member)":  Not an on-duty flight crew member; most likely riding in the jump seat (an extra seat) in the Super Constellation's cockpit; recently transferred from TWA's Kansas City base to Los Angeles, family still in Kansas City; traveling back to Kansas City for a visit.

TWA Flight 2 - Hostess

                                                                                        Beth Ellis Davis                                                                                           TWA Flight 2 - Hostess

United Flight 718

United Flight 718 - Captain

Robert W. Harms
United Flight 718 - Copilot

Girardo X. Fiore
United Flight 718 - Flight Engineer
United Flight 718 - Stewardess

United Flight 718 - Stewardess


  1. Commander John Walker Payne, USN, Ret. (TWA passenger)born 06 Jul 1919 in Missouri (probably Columbia, Boone County). He married, May 1945, Frances Van Arsdale Eberstadt, and they had four children. John Walker Payne III, Mary Tongue Payne, Frances Van Arsdale Payne and William Ferdinand Payne.
    The following vessels were either units of the Yangtze Patrol (Rear Admiral William A. Glassford, Jr), or the South China Patrol (Captain Lester J. Hudson), both of which ceased to exist on the outbreak of war. The exceptions were ISABEL, which was the Asiatic Fleet’s relief flagship, and LANIKAI, which had been acquired to recon the coast of SE Asia immediately prewar. The coastal gunboats generally acted as convoy escorts, heading south early in the war, as did ISABEL and LANIKAI, while the three river gunboats that reached the Philippines were assigned to the Inshore Patrol in Manila Bay (see below). WAKE and TUTUILA, of course, remained in Chinese waters.(Admiral Glassford became commander of Task Force 5; I am unsure where Captain Hudson was sent. Possibly he became station commander of one of the US bases established in the Dutch East Indies.)
    USS ISABEL (PY-10) Patrol Yacht - Lieutenant John Walker Payne, Jr
    He participated in the Battle of the Java Sea, according to the following site (,+67+years+ago+today.)
    "USS Isabel: Lt.(jg) John Walker Payne, Jr., USNA35 - escaped"
    You may find his wife still living in Houston Texas still using the name Gail Smith Payne.

  2. Oops
    I mispoke Gail Smith Payne is a daughter-in-law, and wife of John Walker Payne III, not a widow of John Walker Payne.
    There is quite a bit at the following site on John Walker Payne.
    Well worth reading he was a war hero.

    Playing for Time
    By Lodwick H. Alford
    page 284
    Lieutenant John Walker Payne, Jr. who was captain on the Isabel on which I escaped from Java to Australia in March 1942, was returned to the US soon after arival in Fremantle. Subsequently he took command of the presidentla yacht Potomac. He retired in June 1950 in the rank of commander and was killed on 30 June 1956 when the plane on which he was a passenger crashed into the Grand Canyon, Arizona.

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