Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Good evening, all.  Here are some of the photos that will be included in the book:

I'm thinking I'd like to use these three on the book's cover:

1. TWA Super Constellation over the Grand Canyon.

(This is a TWA publicity photo of an identical sister ship of the Star of the Seine, the TWA Super Constellation involved in the June 30, 1956 mid-air.)

Although several black-and-white photographs of the Star of the Seine do exist -- some of which I do plan to include in the book -- I prefer this photo for the cover because (1) it's in color, and (2) it shows the Canyon in the background.

2. United DC-7

(This photograph of the Mainliner Hollywood, an identical sister ship of the Mainliner Vancouver, the United DC-7 involved in the June 30, 1956 mid-air, was used on United postcards distributed on its DC-7 flights.)

There are no known photographs of the Mainliner Vancouver; if you have one, I'd love a copy!

 3. Wreckage from June 30, 1956 mid-air.

(This is the United crash site atop Chuar Butte; I believe that's Cape Solitude, on the opposite side of the Colorado River from the crash sites, in the background.)

 I'd like to use this photo either for the back cover of the book, or as the background for the two color photos on the front cover.

More photographs tomorrow!  Good night, all.

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