Wednesday, May 4, 2011


After my change-of-pace shift in Kingman on Angel 2 last week, I'm back on Angel 3 in Cottonwood tomorrow and the next day.

Sam's in Flagstaff this weekend.  He and his mom and a bunch of their friends are going to see Flogging Molly at the Orpheum Friday night.  Bummed at missing the show (FM is one of my all-time favorite bands; if you like Celtic music, punk, lots of pirate-themed songs, or just high-energy fun, go see 'em any chance you get), but looking forward to hanging out with Sam after my shift.

Also excited about seeing my oldest friend and one of my newest ones in the Bay area weekend after next!

And in book-related news, the super-nice people who took me to see the crash sites a few years back have graciously agreed to review the draft of  VANISHED for me, a chapter at a time as I finish piecing them together, starting next week (Thanks, Tom and Hazel!).

Getting there, folks.  Finally getting there.

Good night everybody.  More tomorrow from Angel 3.

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