Sunday, May 29, 2011


Just emailed Tom the Table of Contents and Prologue of VANISHED to look over!  Will be emailing him Chapter One as soon as I give it a quick once-over; should have Chapter Two to him a few days after that.

(Thank you all again for the recent additional proof-reading offers!  May very well take you up on them a little further down the road.)

After years of spinning my wheels, and several weeks of stress and scrambling, it's starting to get exciting again.  With a little bit of luck and some more scrambling I may be done with the book before another June 30 goes by after all.

More Hetalia Clue and hanging out with Sam, Gylde, and their best friends Sandy and AJ today.  So nice to have 'em all around again.

Work tomorrow and Monday, so I'd better sign off for now.  Love and hugs, and Happy Memorial Day weekend, everybody!

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