Monday, May 9, 2011


Just got word that Sam's back at his apartment, safe and sound:  A good end to a good weekend.

Besides hanging with the kids, writing, doing some chapter-reviewing, and in general having a fun but mostly indoor weekend, I actually made it outside for awhile today -- which was wonderful.  I need to remember to do that more often.

The weather's been changing today:  windy, and starting to cloud up.  Looks like monsoon season is on its way.  That's when we get a good chunk of our annual moisture, in the form of frequent isolated thunderstorms than can dump a hellacious amount of rain wherever they happen to wander.  It's another beautiful time of year -- not that Flagstaff actually has many bad times of year.  It's a gorgeous place to live.

After a Mothers Day chat with mom I went out and enjoyed the wind in the pines.  Later I stopped by one of the local bookstores, grabbed some dinner at a new burrito place, then drove up to Mars Hill.

Lowell Observatory, where the guy who discovered Pluto thought he saw canals on Mars, sits on top of the hill, right above the local scenic overlook.  I stopped halfway up to let a herd of deer cross the road (did I mention that I love Flagstaff?), then parked at the overlook, munched, and enjoyed the panoramic view of the lights of town, the sound of the wind and passing trains, and the moon peeking out from behind the fast-moving clouds.

On the way back I picked up an old-fashioned bunny-ears antenna for the TV.  Plugged it in, hoping for a channel or two -- and ended up with ten.  Apparently there's still a local network repeater somewhere nearby, 'cause one of the channels -- ABC? -- is crystal-clear.  I also get some fuzzy PBS, Fox, religious, and Spanish channels.  Dunno if I'll watch any of them much, but it's nice to know that for $15 I can if I get the urge.  Plus I get a kick out of the bunny ears poking out from behind the little flat-screen hi-def TV.  It's a nice retro-incongruous look.

It's just started to rain.  Window's open for the sound and smell ... ahhh.

Hope all of you had a good weekend too.  Love and hugs!  Good night everybody.

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