Sunday, May 8, 2011


Dang it.  Managed to post something on here every day for twenty-odd days in a row ... and then tonight didn't realize I hadn't posted on here 'til almost 3AM.

Ah well.

'And all shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well in the end.'

I'd heard this somewhere years ago, and had liked it ever since, but only recently discovered (thank you again, Google) that it was from a book called Sixteen Revelations of Divine Love.  Believed to be the first book written in English by a woman.  Whose author, Julian of Norwich, 1342 - ca. 1416, is venerated in the Anglican and Lutheran churches.

And whose feast day is today, May 8 -- something I just noticed a few minutes ago.

I love serendipity.

Also, in my defense, I have been posting things on Tumblr (which is more or less a blog) since well before midnight.  I've had an account there ( ) for a week or so now, but just really started to figure out how to use it tonight.  And apparently lost all track of time.

Sam and Gylde (Sam's girlfriend) are here, getting some sleep before Sam drops her off in Tucson and heads back to Southern California later on this morning.  They both had a great time at the Flogging Molly concert last night -- although Gylde decided the mosh pit wasn't her thing.

Sam loved it.  Runs in the family, apparently:  I've always enjoyed the rough-and-tumble of it, along with the fact that most of the time (including last night, according to Sam), no matter how badly you may get tossed around, there are always plenty of hands reaching out to help you if you start to fall.

Well, I guess that's enough Tumblring and Bloggering for tonight.

Good night, everyone.  Love and hugs.  All shall be well.

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