Monday, May 9, 2011


Tired tonight.  Bed soon.

First, though -- Sam, you rock.  Thanks for racing over to drop off my Mom's Day basket before class today.

Hey, Gary and Jeff!  Thanks for following me.  It's great to see you both; you're two of the people I was most hoping to get back in touch with.  And hi and thank you to everyone else who's been stopping by.

Another good day.  Cryptic short version:  Beautiful walk (pics on Tumblr); self-inflicted stress; nice people helped me get over it; laughs with another nice person I hadn't talked to in too long; other peoples' cool stuff on Tumblr; occasional spells of productivity; saw elk; micro-hail (bb-sized); read a little.

Which leads me (smooth segue, eh?) to the "favorite things" portion of tonight's agenda.

San Francisco.  My favorite city, located in my favorite part of the world, the Central / Northern California coast.

Which is where I'm going this weekend!

So here are a few of my favorite San Francisco-related things:

1. Two science fiction novels, SUMMER OF LOVE and THE GOLDEN NINETIES, by a fellow recovering attorney named Lisa Mason, who also worked at Matthew Bender & Co. in Oakland when I was a legal writer / software author there in 1990-1991.  SUMMER OF LOVE is set in SF in the summer of 1967.  THE GOLDEN NINETIES is set in SF in 1895-1896.  They do an amazing job of evoking these two eras in the city's history.

2. The Alfred Hitchcock film VERTIGO (1958), starring James Stewart and Kim Novak.  Spooky, suspenseful, and filled with amazing color footage of 1950s San Francisco and environs.

3. My 1990-1991 commute, by bus from Rohnert Park (just south of Santa Rosa) south across the Golden Gate bridge and through the Presidio to downtown SF,  then under the Bay to Oakland via the BART.  At the time it seemed excessively long (dark to dark, most times of the year), but it was by far the most interesting and beautiful commute I've ever made -- and the only one that let me read and write while traveling to and from work.

4. The view from my umpteenth-story office at Matthew Bender across the Bay to SF.  I remember being able to see Coit Tower and the whole SF skyline -- not to mention the pigeons dog-fighting over the abandoned office building next door.

5. Fisherman's Wharf / Ghirardelli Square.

6. Union Square.

7. Lombard Street.

Good night, all.  Love and hugs!

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