Thursday, May 26, 2011


Apparently I titled last night's post TORNDADOES?  I remember looking at it, thinking, "Man, when you look at a word long enough, it NEVER looks right."

So yeah, a little tiring, this most recent shift.

Off-duty this morning after another middle-of-the night flight.  Made it back up to Flagstaff, safe and sound.  Spent a little time catching up on Twitter -- some friends in Kansas City had just had a tornado scare.

Spent several hours working up to a nap.  Slept a couple hours.  Breakfast/lunch/dinner (one meal, a Pollo Loco bowl from Sam's Club.  I really love those things, and they're probably not even horribly bad for you:  Some chicken chunks, salsa, rice, black beans), some more Twitter.

Oh!  And!  Sam's officially finished his freshman year of college, and is on his way here from Southern California.  Yay!!!

So now it's midnight, which I think is the equivalent of sundown or so for me today.  Gonna give the computer a little cool-down time, do some light housekeeping, and then try to write some more.

Love and hugs, everybody.

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