Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Not the MOST productive of days, but productive enough, and very pleasant.

Discovered that my patio makes a great home office:  Sheltered from the wind, beautiful view, sound and smells of wind in the aspens and pines, and although north-facing, warmed by a sliver of direct sunlight in the morning.

Ran errands with Sam.  D&D with him and the other kids tomorrow. :)

A rather ill-advised nap from 6 to 8 pm.

Reading tonight, and quite a bit of Twitter (till it crashed sometime this evening -- at least, my bit of it did; nothing but blank screens, not even the usual "Fail Whale" error message) and Tumblr.  There are so many amazing people posting so many amazing things on both.  It's beautiful, and incredibly addictive, and probably something I need to figure out how to time-manage better at some point.

And so to bed.

(A favorite phrase of one of the most prolific, informative, and entertaining bloggers (diarists) of all times, Samuel Pepys ("Peeps").)

Love and hugs, everyone.

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