Thursday, June 30, 2011


Couldn't get this to post on the blog last night, but here's yesterday's road trip update:

Good night from Roswell, NM!

Just made it in to our hotel, safe and sound.  Changed our driving plans to avoid a fire / road closure in eastern Arizona; passed another huge forest fire near Lincoln, southwest of Roswell.  Otherwise, a fun and trouble-free trip out after a late start this afternoon.

So weird being back in New Mexico, driving roads I used to travel frequently.  I lived and worked here for seven years.  Now, other than a few air ambulance flights to Albuquerque, it's been seven years since I was last in the state.

So far, doesn't look like much has changed in the parts we've seen tonight.  Maybe a few more lights in the bosque (where all the trees are, along the Rio Grande) south of Los Lunas.  A few new signs on the interstate.  That's about it.

Good night, everybody.  Love and hugs!  More tomorrow.

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