Sunday, July 31, 2011


Tomorrow morning I start my last 48-hour shift:  We go to 24-hour shifts starting next week.

I'll still work roughly as many hours (a few less in the case of paramedics at our base, in order to preserve occasional long stretches of time off, but there'll probably  be plenty of overtime available for anyone who wants it).  I'll just work them in smaller chunks, which means I'll be driving to and from work twice as often.  On the bright side, it will also mean when we're flying lots, we won't be doing it for two days at a time ... and I'm really looking forward to that.

Spent the morning hanging out with Sam and doing post-move-in stuff; more unpacking, dishes, laundry, etc.  This afternoon and evening we had another D&D game, the first in a few weeks.  Lots of nerdy fun was had by all.

Well, I'd better get to bed.  Good night everybody!  Love and hugs.

Friday, July 29, 2011


At work again:  Day 1 of one of my last 48-hour shifts (we go to 24s in early August).

Two flights so far.

Sleep has not been happening nearly often or long enough this week.  But the move's basically done (just a little cleanup at the old place when I get off shift Saturday morning); most of the stuff at the new place is already unpacked / in place / up and running.  By and large it's been a very good week.

One of the nurses I work with, Paul Gibson, sometimes calls me "The Panda" because I spend a lot of the non-flying time at work in my room (aka "The Grove"), and he used to think I was hibernating in here (I'm actually usually reading / writing / doing something online). 

I had Panda Express for dinner tonight ... and I just looked over at my drink cup.  It shows the outline of a Panda, arms raised, with a crescent moon and stars above its head.  Inside the panda-outline it says "PANDA'S UP LATE!".


So now, instead of writing and listening to Five For Fighting one more time ("100 years" and "It's Not Easy" have been my entire playlist for the last hour or two) ... good night, love, and hugs, everybody.

Dispatch willing, I'm off to bed.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A long, good day.

Sam and I moved all the furniture and books over today, plus at least half of the other stuff, while mom packed and unpacked.

Sam is ecstatic to have a room (and bathroom!) of his own again, after weeks of camping out in the living room of the old one-bedroom one-bath apartment.

I'm pretty happy with the place myself.  The decor is identical to our old unit, and the view outside is the same (same pines and aspens lining the same road) -- so much so that it almost feels more like the old apartment grew than that we moved.  But it's a LOT bigger, a lot brighter and more open -- and even has something that I've missed having for years:  a fireplace.

It's been great hanging out with the two of them also, catching up on things, mulling over all the news of the day, and solving all the world's problems.

Lots more moving of little stuff, cleaning, and unpacking tomorrow.

But we're basically moved in.  Gotta love a 200-yard move.

Good night, all you wonderful people.  Love and hugs from the new place.

Talk to you again soon.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Moving Week

Hi again everybody!

Apologies for another long silent period.  Between busy shifts, internet connectivity issues, more work-related training -- and now moving to another apartment in the same complex in Flagstaff this week -- well, the truth is that I still should have done a better job of keeping in touch in my occasional online time the last couple of weeks.  So yeah, apologies, and I shall once again try to do a better job of keeping in touch with all of you wonderful people.

And (probably starting next week) once again get back to assembling chapters and passing them along to Tom and Hazel.

My one bar that I've managed coax out of my mobile internet card (it's decided to work again once in a while, kinda-sorta) is flickering in and out, so I'll keep it short for tonight.  Tomorrow and Wednesday we (Sam, mom, and I, and possibly Gylde and AJ) will be doing the actual moving of stuff from the old apartment to the new one, so it may be another day or two before I post again.

Love and hugs, everybody.  Talk to you again soon.

Monday, July 11, 2011


Some nice person dropped off some photographs of us on a flight at our base today.  Because patient privacy / confidentiality is a Really Big Deal (more on that later sometime), I've e-painted over all traces of him/her in the photos, and shan't divulge any flight-related details (even the dates/times embedded in the jpegs ain't necessarily so) ... but I thought the pics themselves were pretty cool, and really appreciated the nice person sharing them with us, so here they are in all their clumsily edited glory:

 (That's me in the blue suit, purple gloves, and white helmet.  My partner is on the other side of the aircraft doing Nurse Stuff.)

Tomorrow I'm back to work on the book, getting chapters ready for Tom and Hazel to review.

Good night everybody.  'Hope all's well with all of you.  Love and hugs!


Back at work today and tomorrow -- reliable internet, hurray!

Just back from back-to-back flights.  All's well.  Good night all.  Love and hugs.

Thursday, July 7, 2011


My wireless internet card is getting increasingly cranky (detailed rant on Tumblr).  I'm thinking land line phone and internet service is in my not-so-distant future ...

Overall it's been another good day.  Airway class at work this morning.  Hanging out with Sam.  A nap.  Way too much time on the computer ...

... so now I'm gonna sign off and read an honest-to-gosh book for awhile.

Good night, all!  Love and hugs.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


... the first in maybe three weeks that I've spent relaxing alone at home.

Sam and friends are at Sandy's for a movie night.  I've been to the library, Sam's Club, and Walmart, caught up on housework, and even done a little writing.  Now I'm watching a History Channel DVD from the library, Ghost Ships (the Flying Dutchman, the Mary Celeste, the Carroll A. Deering, etc. - even the mystery ship sighted below TWA Flight 800 shortly before it exploded off New York in 1996).

'Hope all's well with all of you.  Love and hugs!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


(From 1999-2004, this building in Williamsburg, NM  housed Sierra Ambulance Service.)


More pics later:  Can't get any more to load right now.



And!  Here are a few pics from our New Mexico road trip:


If you're in Algeria, Cape Verde, or Venezuela, that is.

For everyone else, belated happy Independence Day.

We had a fairly leisurely July 4th until late in the afternoon, when we started flying and dodging thunderstorms until somewhere around 3 AM.  We did make it back for a bit just in time to watch Cottonwood's surprisingly impressive fireworks show.

And then got to sleep in this morning.  So all in all, a nice Independence Day at work, with some beautiful pyrotechnics, both natural and man-made ... and even another double rainbow that at one point made a complete double-circle, something I'd never seen before.

So far today we've launched and then been canceled twice.

And like probably a lot of other people, watched way too much coverage of the Casey Anthony verdict.

I hope all's well with all of you;  hope you had a fun and safe Fourth, and are enjoying the rest of your week so far.  I'm going to see if  I can get some work done on VANISHED before we get another flight.

Love and hugs, everybody.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011


Hello again from the Land of Enchantment, everybody.

Today's travels took us from Carlsbad back to Roswell, back through Hondo (where what looked like hundreds of firefighters are still struggling to keep the fire we passed a couple of nights ago away from the town) to Ruidoso (which apparently had a massive fire almost reach town in several places sometime in the last few years), then down through Tularosa to Alamagordo (too late to visit the Space Museum, alas).  From there we headed to Las Cruces via White Sands (the missile range and the national park), then on up through Truth or Consequences (so weird to see a WALMART in T or C -- they'd fought for years to keep 'em out when we lived there ... so everyone in town regularly drove an hour to the Walmart in Cruces) to Socorro (where the 1964 Zamora UFO Incident took place).

Even though we missed the Space Museum (and elected not to drive an extra hour or more to the Spaceport America site on the off chance of finding it open after dark), it was an amazing day:  Alien kitsch galore in Roswell ... and although the festival was still getting started when we had to leave, a few cool costumes, including a teenage girl dressed as Invader Zim and a guy on stilts in a Lakers uniform with a basketball hoop on the bill of his hat (pictures to follow, probably after we get home tomorrow night).  Then a hike through hourglass-sand dunes, a double-rainbow over the missile range, and fireworks as we drove into Socorro.

Tomorrow we're going to visit with AJ's grandmother and great-grandmother, then head back to Arizona via the Plains of San Agustin and the radio telescopes of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's Very Large Array.

Good night, all.  Love and hugs!