Tuesday, July 5, 2011


If you're in Algeria, Cape Verde, or Venezuela, that is.

For everyone else, belated happy Independence Day.

We had a fairly leisurely July 4th until late in the afternoon, when we started flying and dodging thunderstorms until somewhere around 3 AM.  We did make it back for a bit just in time to watch Cottonwood's surprisingly impressive fireworks show.

And then got to sleep in this morning.  So all in all, a nice Independence Day at work, with some beautiful pyrotechnics, both natural and man-made ... and even another double rainbow that at one point made a complete double-circle, something I'd never seen before.

So far today we've launched and then been canceled twice.

And like probably a lot of other people, watched way too much coverage of the Casey Anthony verdict.

I hope all's well with all of you;  hope you had a fun and safe Fourth, and are enjoying the rest of your week so far.  I'm going to see if  I can get some work done on VANISHED before we get another flight.

Love and hugs, everybody.

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