Wednesday, July 27, 2011


A long, good day.

Sam and I moved all the furniture and books over today, plus at least half of the other stuff, while mom packed and unpacked.

Sam is ecstatic to have a room (and bathroom!) of his own again, after weeks of camping out in the living room of the old one-bedroom one-bath apartment.

I'm pretty happy with the place myself.  The decor is identical to our old unit, and the view outside is the same (same pines and aspens lining the same road) -- so much so that it almost feels more like the old apartment grew than that we moved.  But it's a LOT bigger, a lot brighter and more open -- and even has something that I've missed having for years:  a fireplace.

It's been great hanging out with the two of them also, catching up on things, mulling over all the news of the day, and solving all the world's problems.

Lots more moving of little stuff, cleaning, and unpacking tomorrow.

But we're basically moved in.  Gotta love a 200-yard move.

Good night, all you wonderful people.  Love and hugs from the new place.

Talk to you again soon.

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