Friday, July 1, 2011


Hello again from the Land of Enchantment, everybody.

Today's travels took us from Carlsbad back to Roswell, back through Hondo (where what looked like hundreds of firefighters are still struggling to keep the fire we passed a couple of nights ago away from the town) to Ruidoso (which apparently had a massive fire almost reach town in several places sometime in the last few years), then down through Tularosa to Alamagordo (too late to visit the Space Museum, alas).  From there we headed to Las Cruces via White Sands (the missile range and the national park), then on up through Truth or Consequences (so weird to see a WALMART in T or C -- they'd fought for years to keep 'em out when we lived there ... so everyone in town regularly drove an hour to the Walmart in Cruces) to Socorro (where the 1964 Zamora UFO Incident took place).

Even though we missed the Space Museum (and elected not to drive an extra hour or more to the Spaceport America site on the off chance of finding it open after dark), it was an amazing day:  Alien kitsch galore in Roswell ... and although the festival was still getting started when we had to leave, a few cool costumes, including a teenage girl dressed as Invader Zim and a guy on stilts in a Lakers uniform with a basketball hoop on the bill of his hat (pictures to follow, probably after we get home tomorrow night).  Then a hike through hourglass-sand dunes, a double-rainbow over the missile range, and fireworks as we drove into Socorro.

Tomorrow we're going to visit with AJ's grandmother and great-grandmother, then head back to Arizona via the Plains of San Agustin and the radio telescopes of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory's Very Large Array.

Good night, all.  Love and hugs!

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