Friday, July 29, 2011


At work again:  Day 1 of one of my last 48-hour shifts (we go to 24s in early August).

Two flights so far.

Sleep has not been happening nearly often or long enough this week.  But the move's basically done (just a little cleanup at the old place when I get off shift Saturday morning); most of the stuff at the new place is already unpacked / in place / up and running.  By and large it's been a very good week.

One of the nurses I work with, Paul Gibson, sometimes calls me "The Panda" because I spend a lot of the non-flying time at work in my room (aka "The Grove"), and he used to think I was hibernating in here (I'm actually usually reading / writing / doing something online). 

I had Panda Express for dinner tonight ... and I just looked over at my drink cup.  It shows the outline of a Panda, arms raised, with a crescent moon and stars above its head.  Inside the panda-outline it says "PANDA'S UP LATE!".


So now, instead of writing and listening to Five For Fighting one more time ("100 years" and "It's Not Easy" have been my entire playlist for the last hour or two) ... good night, love, and hugs, everybody.

Dispatch willing, I'm off to bed.

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