Saturday, August 27, 2011


Good morning from Cottonwood, everybody!

Arrived at work this morning to find the flood repairs all finished, all our stuff back in place -- and new carpets in most of the rooms, even (we were told it would be concrete floors for us from here on out).

Also, it appears that I've been AWOL from Twitter / Tumblr / for ... ten days now?

Yikes, sorry 'bout that folks.

Super-condensed version of what you've missed:  Work/motel, off a day or two, work/motel, repeat several times.  Unpack / wander around like a zombie / write a little on my day(s) off.  Drive out to California for a nice visit with dad and mom, capped by my first-ever visit to the Mission Inn in Riverside.  Which is pretty amazing:  what I imagine you'd get if you crossed Hearst Castle with Disneyland, and added a dash of aviation history:  They have a wall there with wings autographed by everyone from Orville Wright and Amelia Earhart to Chuck Yeager and Neil Armstrong.  On the way back from CA I stopped by Tucson, hung out with Sam a bit (we finally saw "Cowboys & Aliens", which turned out to be pretty enjoyable).

Love and hugs / more soon ...

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