Tuesday, August 9, 2011


I think I mentioned last week that our base flooded?  Well, apparently it did it again last Friday, only worse.  Like, an inches-deep river flowing down the hallway worse.

So today they’re tearing the carpets out and cutting away the bottom foot or so of drywall.  We’re at the motel down the street.  So, internet, which is good, but no common area, and several minutes from the helicopter, which is … odd.

Today’s also my first 24-hour shift, so at least it’ll only be odd for half as long as I’m used to.
In other news:  Found Sam and AJ a cool apartment in Tucson over the weekend.  Intubated people in the OR most of yesterday.  Tomorrow and Thursday I’ll be helping pack up Sam’s stuff, trucking it down to Tucson, unloading it, then racing back up the hill in time for another 24 on Friday.

Oh!  And!  I should have actual, real-live, non-persnickety internet access by then also.

Miss you guys.  Hope all’s well with you.  Really looking forward to catching up with you soon.  In the meantime, great big enormous hugs!

Love and (more) hugs from your friendly neighborhood motel-based flight medic.  :)

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