Saturday, August 6, 2011


Sam, his best friend / soon-to-be roommate AJ, and I are here for the weekend scouting out apartments for them for the coming school year.

The new apartment has turned out to be pretty much like the old apartment in terms of mobile internet and cell phone connectivity -- not so good! -- but my new land line and internet are scheduled to start next Thursday, August 11.  In the meantime, I miss you all, and will try to keep in touch as time / connectivity allows.

I have another O.R. clinical (intubating surgical patients) on Monday, then my first 24-hour shift Tuesday.  
As busy as the 48s have been lately, I'm actually looking forward to the change, although I'm going to need a printout of my schedule to have any idea at all when I'm supposed to go to work for awhile:  After each 24-hour shift I'll have from one to five days off; the schedule only repeats every six weeks or so.
Also hoping to get some more work done on the book as soon as we get back to Flag.

Good night everyone!

Love and hugs,


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