Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy 2013, everybody!  Welcome back.

Sorry about the huge gap between posts.  It's been an action-packed 13 months.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Catherine and I got married at the end of 2011; we just celebrated our first anniversary.
  • In March a series of tornadoes  struck our part of Kentucky.  When we couldn't reach any of our neighbors, Catherine, Sam, and I hopped into her Durango and headed East to see if we still had a farm / neighbors.  Turned out the nearest twister, an EF3, had missed us by less than a mile.
  • In May, someone firebombed my helicopter in Cottonwood.
  • In June Catherine, the girls, and I moved from the apartment in Flagstaff to the farm in Kentucky.
  • We spent the summer reducing our rat population, rebuilding our chicken, rabbit, goat, and pig population, and building a woodshed and a hay barn.  In my free time I worked on an ambulance in the KY-OH-WV tristate area.
  • In September, shortly after a birthday visit from Sam and my parents, I started a new flight paramedic job with Air Methods, the world's largest air medical transport provider.
  • October and November were a ballet-induced blur, as our youngest played a magpie and a card in Alice in Wonderland, and the rest of us helped with costumes, props, and lots and lots and lots of driving to and from rehearsals and performances.
I'm still working on Vanished in the West.  Now that we've survived the move, the rats, Alice, the Mayan Apocalypse, and the Fiscal Cliff, I'm hoping to wrap it up in the semi-near-future.

I'm also hoping to post a little more frequently.

Until next time, here are some links I've been pondering on this first day of 2013:
Happy New Year!


  1. We miss you Dan!

    Guardian Air, Cottonwood

  2. Hey Dan, I just found out that a book has been recently written about the 1956 Grand Canyon Accident. Its called "We are going in". I looked at some of the chapters on Amazon and they look very similar to the ones in your blog. Anyway thought you should know.