Monday, November 7, 2016

PRE-ELECTION TWEETS (@driskilldanny)

Tap … tap … is this thing still on?

LONG time no talk, all you wonderful people. So sorry it’s been so long!

A LOT’s happened in recent years, months, days.

Got married five years ago. Still feels like I won the Relationship-Mega-Jackpot. She’s amazing.

Left Arizona four years ago.

Finished my first book. My mom got to read it a few months before she died, summer before last.

Hope to finish my second book – the first one I started, about the 1956 Grand Canyon airliner crash – by the end of the year.

Still a flight paramedic … but part-time now. My new day job: Teaching at a medical school.

Lots more to tell – and looking forward to hearing how you’ve all been! – but today I’d like to talk about the election.

(My first political memory: “Re-Elect the President” signs in our garage in ’72.)

(But when Watergate broke, “President Nixon” became “Tricky Dick” in our house.)

(We watched the hearings together as a family. Cheered Barbara Jordan. Booed Tricky Dick.)

(We watched the ’76 conventions too. Cheered Barbara again. Wished it was her running instead of Jimmy.) #IWAS11

(Long story short: I'm about as far from racist, low-fillintheblank, fillintheblank-phobic as you can get.)

I wish I could be voting for Barbara Jordan tomorrow.

But tomorrow we’re going to elect either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. And I’ll take Donald over Hillary any day. … America WAS pretty darn great once; I’d like to see it that way again. #WHYILIKETRUMP … 1984 wasn’t SUPPOSED to be an instruction manual. #WHYILIKETRUMP … Or as we used to say I Disapprove of What You Say But I Will Defend to the Death Your Right to Say It #WHYILIKETRUMP

And that's all I've got to say about that. Love and hugs, you wonderful people. TTYS  via @YouTube

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